Guntown Volunteer Fire Department, Mississippi

Custom Pumper

Rosenbauer Warrior Chassis

MaxForce Front Bumper, 24" Extension

EMS Cabinet in Crew Area

400hp Cummins Engine

Safety Vision Back Up Camera

6 Whelen LED Scene Lights

Hale 1250 gpm Pump

TFT Crossfire Monitor with Extenda Gun

1000 Tank

Rosenbauer CT Aluminum Body 

Painted Roll Up Doors

Treadplate Hosebed Cover with LED Lights and Backboard Storage Underneath

Slide in Ladder Storage in Rear

4-slot SCBA Cylinder Compartments in Passenger Side Wheel Well

Floor Dri Compartment in Driver Side Wheel Well

Rosenbauer EZ-Climb Ladder in Rear

Fire Research LED Telescoping Lights

Federal Signal LED Traffic Manager on Rear

Please note that due to territory restrictions, not all lines may be available in all states.

Guntown Volunteer Fire Department, Mississippi